Frequently asked questions about shipping

How will you prepare my Kamishibai for shipment?

We will prepare your shipment as we only know how to do it: with great care and love. We will ensure that it's packed in a properly protected packaging, so that when you receive it there is little chance of surprises.

How long does it take you to process my order?

We usually process your order on the same day as you place it, as long as it is a business day. Orders placed until 13:00h will be shipped on the same day. After that time they will be shipped on the next business day. You'll know we are handling your order because its status will change from "Payment accepted" to "Preparation in process".

Who will be the carrier?

At the end of your purchase you will be able to choose the carrier for your shipment. We only work with forwarding agents that we completely rely on, so you won't see many shipping options.

Shipping zone Carrier
USA, Canada and Australia Correos FedEx
Spain Correos
UK and other countries Correos UPS FedEx

What will be the shipping costs?

We make a strong effort to try to offer you the best possible shipping conditions. It all depends on the destination of the shipment and the value of the order.

Orders shipped to USA, UK, Canada and Australia:

Shipping zone Between €0 and €70 €70 - €100 €100 - €150 €150 - €200 From €200
USA €55 €50 €45 €42 €40
UK €8 €6 Free! Free! Free!
Canada €55 €50 €45 €42 €40
Australia €80 €75 €70 €65 €60

Orders shipped to other countries:

Shipping zone Between €0 and €70 €70 - €100 €100 - €150 €150 - €200 From €200
Austria €8 €6 Free! Free! Free!
Belgium €5 Free! Free! Free! Free!
France €5 Free! Free! Free! Free!
Germany €5 Free! Free! Free! Free!
Greece €8 €6 Free! Free! Free!
Italy €8 €6 Free! Free! Free!
Netherlands €7 €5 Free! Free! Free!
Spain Free! Free! Free! Free! Free!
Rest of Europe (EU) €20 €15 €12 Free! Free!
Europe (non EU) €20 €35 €32 Free! Free!
North America €55 €50 €45 €42 €40
South America €55 €50 €45 €42 €40
Other countries €80 €75 €70 €65 €60

If your order is destined for a country outside the European continent, we recommend that you read carefully our terms and conditions of purchase, especially the section related to shipments.

If you combine physical products (such as a Kamishibai Theater or a Kamishibai story) with virtual products (such as a download of MP3 music and sounds), only physical products will be considered to calculate shipping costs.

Will I be able to follow the shipment?

Of course! Once your Kamishibai order is ready for shipment, we will email you the tracking number and a link so you can know where it is anytime. When this happens, the status of your order will change from "Preparation in process" to "Shipped".

When will I receive my Kamishibai?

Once we email you the tracking number, the countdown begins.

Shipping zone Delivery time
USA 7-14 bussiness days
UK 4-8 bussiness days
Canada 7-14 bussiness days
Australia 14-20 bussiness days
Spain 48h/72h
European Union 4-8 bussiness days
European countries (non EU) 5-10 bussiness days
Other countries 10-20 bussiness days

Will I be notified before the order is delivered?

Yes. Before delivering, the carrier will send you an SMS or email with detailed delivery information.

What if there is no one to receive my Kamishibai?

No problem! It's nothing that hasn't happened before. The carrier will call you on the mobile phone you have indicated and will arrange a new delivery schedule with you. If he can't reach you on his cell phone, he'll try it by email.

Can't find that question hanging over your head?

Please get in touch with us. We'll be happy to get to know you and talk to you!

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